Business Operational & Legal Condo Investment Strategies

Event details

Event type: Conference
Date: 9/16/2009
Speaker(s): John R. Musitano, Jr.
Venue: The Millenium Biltmore Hotel
Address: Los Angeles, California

John Musitano will be participating as a panelist in this session which will cover a broad range of issues that should be considered by investors of condominium projects. These topics include:

  • Converting to a Rental: What do you Need to do? 
  • State Laws to be Aware of
  • What are the HOA Issues to be Aware of? 
  • Condo Regime Termination Concerns 
  • Liability as to Association Assessments & Reserves 
  • Successor Developer Questions 
  • Tax Issues of Fractured Condos 
  • Control Complexities 
  • Tax Allocation Issues 
  • Risk Mitigation/Assignment of Developer Liability 
  • HOA Foreclosure

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