ELS 2012 Conference - Session 6: Life After Redevelopment - New Challenges And Opportunities

Event details

Event type: Conference
Date: 10/26/2012

Stuart Block will be participating as a panelist at Session 6: Life After Redevelopment - New Challenges and Opportunities at the ELS 2012 Conference. Below is a summary of the subjects to be discussed:

"Until the California Supreme Court decision in California Redevelopment Association v. Matosantos, redevelopment agencies played a key role in community revitalization, brownfields redevelopment, urban infill projects, implementation of S.B. 375, and the building of affordable housing. In Matosantos, the Supreme Court upheld A.B. X1 26, which dissolved redevelopment agencies. This new reality poses new challenges, but also creates new opportunities for strategic combinations of development tools. Panelists will discuss subsequent legislation; the role of successor agencies in fulfilling enforceable obligations; available alternative financing tools; opportunities that may arise with the sale of former redevelopment agency assets; brownfields redevelopment and the Polanco Act; S.B. 375 implementation and the ability to finance and plan for infill development; existing financing alternatives; and related topics."