Beverly Hills Bar Association Presents "Ballot Box Zoning: The People Have Spoken"

Event details

Event type: Seminar
Date: 1/25/2017
Speaker(s): David P. Waite
Venue: Beverly Hills Bar Association
Address: Beverly Hills, CA

David Waite will be speaking at the Beverly Hills Bar Association's CLE entitled "Ballot Box Zoning: The People Have Spoken". In recent years, residents of Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica and Los Angeles have voted on ballot measures relating to local land use planning and zoning issues.These measures are often initiated by citizen groups who are promoting an anti-growth agenda or setting out to target a specific development project. David will be discussing the conflicts and questions that have arisen as a result of this current situation. The event will take place at The Beverly Hills Bar Association on January 25th in Beverly Hills, CA.