Over half a century ago, George Cox, Richard Castle and Phil Nicholson came together in an effort to improve their law practice. These successful attorneys felt that bureaucratic issues ran rampant at many law firms, with too much focus placed on hierarchy and personal gain—getting in the way of providing the type of quality legal counsel clients needed.  

The three set out to create a different kind of law firm—a nimble practice with a decentralized power base, prioritizing ethics and respect and spreading management responsibilities by giving younger lawyers more agency and authority.  

That was the genesis of Cox, Castle & Nicholson, founded in Los Angeles in 1968 with the goal of providing superior and comprehensive legal services to businesses, institutions and individuals in all aspects of the real estate, finance and construction industries. Initially focused on California, the firm has had a hand in developing some of the most iconic buildings and represented some of the largest and most prolific developers in the state.  

To this day, Cox Castle remains true to its founders’ guiding principles. Experienced attorneys’ mentorship and respect goes a long way in empowering, educating and elevating younger colleagues to realize their greatest potential. This confidence and trust breeds professionals who not only value their work and the practice, but also feel accountable for their clients’ businesses and needs.  

Cox Castle is now one of the largest full-service law firms specializing in real estate in the United States, with more than 140 attorneys. Honoring the legacy of our founders, the strategic vision and decision-making at Cox Castle is very much a team effort, and one that draws upon the expertise, experience and insights from a diverse mix of attorneys. 

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